The best place to be if you want to travel to Romania

Romania is a beautiful country with many places to see. We will help you find
some of these places and guide you to have the best holiday.

Reasons to travel to Romania

Beautiful Places

Romania is a very beautiful country with all the landforms. It has wonderful cities with great old architecture, breathtaking landscapes and awesome castles like the Bran Castle (Dracula's Castle).

Great Food

The traditional romanian food is amazing. You must taste some. Even if you do not want to try the traditional food, you cand find any other types, from italian to indian specialties.

Nice People

Romanian people are very kind and welcoming. If you have any troubles you can ask strangers and they will help you. Mostly, all teenagers will know to speak English or even other languages.

Good things cheaper

In Romania you can find anything you want and at a better price. Very good and qualitative things are cheaper, like food and drinks or souveniers and other objects, but also the services are a lot cheaper, like the hotel rooms.

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