Romania is a country in the southeastern Europe. It has borders with Ukranie, Moldova, Hungary, Serbiaand Bulgaria. Also, at the eastern it borders with the Black Sea. Bucharest is the capital of Romania and it’s the sixth largest city in Europe. Romania has a population of approximately 20 million people that makes it the seventh most populous stat of the European Union.


Romania is the twelfth largest country in Europe, with 238,391 square kilometers and it’s devided equally between plains, hills and mountains. Danube, the second longest river in Europe, flows through Romania and it’s emptying in the Danube Delta that is emptying into the Black Sea. A large part of the southern border is formed by the Danube river.

The Danube Delta is a bopshere reserve that has over 1688 plants species. In Romania you can find the largest undisturbed forest in Europe. It’s on almost 27% of the territory. There are about 3,700 plant species, 23 of them are declared natural monuments, 39 endangered and 1,253 rare. You can find about 33,792 species of animals in Romania, from which 400 are unique species of mammals, birds, reptiles or amphibians. Romania’s climate is temperate-continental. It has four seasons. In the winter the average maximum temperature is below 2 °C and in the summer it’s about 28 °C . Precipitation is average, with over 750mm pre year.


At the beginning, Romania was a province of the Roman Empire called Dacia. Then, in 1859 Moldavia and Wallachia united and formed one state named Romania and gained independence from the Ottoman Empire in 1877. Transylvania, Bucovina and Bessarabia were united to Romania after the World War I. After the World War II, Romania became a communist state, but after the 1989 Revolution began a transition towards democracy.

Getting closer ties with United States and other countries in Europe after the Cold War, Romania joined NATO in 2004. It applied for membership in the European Union in 1993, but it became a full member in 2007.

Tourist attractions

The most popular place in Romania is Dracula's Castle, where the "vampire" Dracula lived. It's real name is Bran Castle and it's near the city Brasov. Also, in Trasnylvania there are other beautiful cities such as Sibiu, Sighisoara, Cluj-Napoca with old architecture and other castles like Corvin Castle, Peles Castle, Rasnov Castle, Fagaras Fortress and many wooden and old churches.

Another best-known place in Romania is Transfagarasn. A very nice road through the Fagaras Mountains that connects Wallachia and Transylvania. It is considered one of the best roads in the world. There are a lot of other natural attractions like Danube Delta, the river Danube, the Black Sea and the Carpatian Mountains.

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